The words that we use in day-to-day activity has very great impact on how we think and act and in shaping our life. Below is the list of words which can be replaced with the words given.By using these new words you will change your feeling and approach towards a situation or a problem.

Angry – Uncomfortable
Anxious – Concerned
Confused – Curious
Depressed – Challenged
Embarrassed – Stimulated
Exhausted – Recharging
Failure – Learning
Fearful – Curious
Frustrated – Challenged / Fascinated
Furious – Passionate
Hurt – Bothered
I hate – I prefer
Insulted – Misunderstood
Insecure – Anticipating
Irritated – Ruffled
Jealous – Overloading
Lazy – Storing energy
Lonely – Available
Lost – Searching
Nervous – Energized
Overloaded – Stretching
Overwhelmed – Some imbalanced/ busy/ challenged
Painful – Uncomfortable
Rejected – Overlooked/ under appreciated/ misunderstood
Sad – Storing thoughts
Scared – Excited
Oh, shit – Oops
Sick – Cleansing
Stressed – Blessed
Stupid – Unresourceful
Terrible – Different

Hope it was useful to you.

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